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  1. Thank you very much. And I wish that scene would happen in the actual manga lol.
  2. Count my boi, happy birthday!

  3. You remembered...

    Thank you!
  4. Happy birthday, my friend!
  5. I see them. They are glorious, my friend.
  6. Trust me, the One Piece x Overwatch art doesn't even stop there.
  7. Those images are AWESOME. I love Jinbe wielding a huge anchor and Blackbeard using chains lol.
  8. With a fin on one head, and a hook that sinks ships, here's a glimpse of the whalepocalypse!

    And a extra bonus that I'm sure you'll enjoy, Zehahahaha...

  9. Damn, your new avatar looks amazing. I would love to get a link to the full-sized image of it lol.
  10. I understand. Personally, I would prefer Green Lantern: The Animated Series returning instead of Young Justice.
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