• Good Stuff Coming From VIZ

      The North American publisher of the English version of our favorite manga has some cool stuff for the series coming up!

      First off, we actually have something that's just come out recently. VIZ has just launched their manga app on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, so now you have more ways to read "One Piece". You can check out the press release here:


      For everyone frustrated with the slow release of "One Piece" we have some good news. According to Mr. Kirsch, an editor at VIZ, we're now getting a quarterly release schedule. Here's the exact Twitter quote:

      Yikes, One Piece V58 moved up to September and quarterly release after that due to fan demand. Im gonna be busy...

      So we should be getting volume 59 by December. You can follow his Twitter here:


      Thanks to Badass SnoCone for that news tip.

      Last but not least, looks like we're getting an English version of "Color Walk 2". Barnes and Noble put out an online solicitation for it with a release for November of this year:


      Thanks to King Calamari for that news tip

      I didn't think we'd be getting another one of these since it's been so long since "Color Walk 1" went out-of-print. Maybe with this release the first art book will go back in print, or maybe by the time you read this it will have already.
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      1. Samwize78's Avatar
        Awesome. Thank you VIZ!
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